UBTECH Alpha1 Pro (6931705000214)

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Sharing the joy. The upgraded version of the app’s control program features a sharing list for new actions which can upload and download quickly. This allows you to share your joy with amateurs around the world.Easily controlled via the APP. Using the APP terminal to control Alpha 1P is simple and easy. This allows you to display its advantages whenever and wherever possible.Highly precise. Alpha 1P has 16 servo joints which can move with high precision thus enabling it to perform various highly complex actions with ease and achieve human simulation.Simple and easy to operate and control. With Bluetooth it can be quickly connected to its mobile app. It is also compatible with iOS and Android.Visual Programming at PC Terminal. It features editing software for 3D visual actions with an interface that is simple and easy to operate. This enables even non-professionals to edit in no time.Safe with strong protection. It's suitable for young amateurs and beginners for its “finger-friendly” structural design as well as eco-friendly and “shock resistant” materials.
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