Withings Sleep Analyzer

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Clinically Validated Sleep Tracker For Under The Mattress With Sleep Apnea Detection And Sleep Phase Analysis

fire Withings
colour Gray
Item dimensions L x W x H 19 x 0.5 x 62.2 centimetres
Item weight 350 grams

About this item

  • MODERN SLEEP TRACKING - Get a detailed, laboratory-accurate analysis of your night with sleep phases (deep sleep, light sleep and REM) and its duration, as well as sleep duration and interruptions.
  • Sleep index – The sleep index interprets how restful your night's sleep was and shows you how to improve it.
  • FAST RECOGNITION - Track the number and duration of your snoring episodes. Learn more about snoring patterns and what affects them in the app.
  • MEDICINAL ACCURATE SLEEP APNEE - The Sleep Analyzer is the world's first non-invasive sensor to detect sleep apnea, an underdiagnosed and widespread disease that is often silent.
  • CONTINUENT MONITOR OF HEART FREQUENCY - The Sleep Analyzer measures your heart rate while sleeping: This indicator shows whether enough time is spent in deep sleep and is a strong marker for how your lifestyle affects your heart health.
  • Body remote use – thanks to the automatic synchronization over Wi-Fi, nothing remains to do but to sleep. After waking up, you will find all the data in the app.